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Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Do we know what we have? Do we know who we are?"

Elder Diaz had a spiritual experience a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with everyone:

"So during conference what stuck out to me the most was when Sister Carole M Stephens asked us "Do we know what we have? Do we know who we are?" I don't know why it did but it just did. I applied it to missionary work and I knew that's how the Lord wanted me to apply it but I didn't and couldn't understand how. On Thursday morning I found out how. On Wednesday night me and my companion get a text from a less active who we had never met before. He text us asking for a blessing for someone in the hospital(we cover the hospital) and so we call him and get the information. Turns out his mother in law was very sick in the hospital and nearing her last days. She was baptized in Juarez, Mexico and could always remember the special spirit she felt with the missionaries. All she wanted in her last couple of days was to feel of the spirit she felt with the missionaries. Pretty amazing huh? We set up an appointment for the next morning at 10(by rules we are not allowed to leave the house before 10). So then we went to sleep and the next morning went to give the blessing. We got to the hospital and all we saw was her family crying. The less active who had texted us came over and introduced himself. He told us that just an hour before she had passed away... We instantly dropped our heads in sadness. He introduced us to his wife who was crying a lot and weeping she told us "She wanted you guys to be here and give her a prayer/blessing but you guys are too late." Now she wasn't angry but suddenly we were filled with sadness. Her whole family that was there knew that all she wanted was to partake of the spirit that us missionaries bring. How amazing is that too think that in someone's last hours.. they wanted to spend it with us? Two random 19/21 year old boys who she had never met before. She just knew she could feel the spirit. We left the family with a message and a prayer and tried to do our best to console them. I walked out the hospital now understanding Who We Are, and What We Have. Amazing how the Lord teaches you lessons. God is good. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer."

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  1. Hello there! You don't know me, my name is Jessica brown and I was searching through missionary blogs because I am writing/compiling a book of missionary letters. I came across this one and found it very touching and would love to include it in my manuscript to possibly (hopefully) be published. If you interested in letting me have the rights to publish please let me know!!! Email me at lettertohomeproject@gmail.com thank you and hope to hear from you!!