Elder Diaz has been called to serve in the Colorado Denver North Mission Spanish Speaking! This blog is to keep you updated on the events that occur during his mission! Please email him at aaron.diaz@myldsmail.net. He will be looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

"Do we know what we have? Do we know who we are?"

Elder Diaz had a spiritual experience a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with everyone:

"So during conference what stuck out to me the most was when Sister Carole M Stephens asked us "Do we know what we have? Do we know who we are?" I don't know why it did but it just did. I applied it to missionary work and I knew that's how the Lord wanted me to apply it but I didn't and couldn't understand how. On Thursday morning I found out how. On Wednesday night me and my companion get a text from a less active who we had never met before. He text us asking for a blessing for someone in the hospital(we cover the hospital) and so we call him and get the information. Turns out his mother in law was very sick in the hospital and nearing her last days. She was baptized in Juarez, Mexico and could always remember the special spirit she felt with the missionaries. All she wanted in her last couple of days was to feel of the spirit she felt with the missionaries. Pretty amazing huh? We set up an appointment for the next morning at 10(by rules we are not allowed to leave the house before 10). So then we went to sleep and the next morning went to give the blessing. We got to the hospital and all we saw was her family crying. The less active who had texted us came over and introduced himself. He told us that just an hour before she had passed away... We instantly dropped our heads in sadness. He introduced us to his wife who was crying a lot and weeping she told us "She wanted you guys to be here and give her a prayer/blessing but you guys are too late." Now she wasn't angry but suddenly we were filled with sadness. Her whole family that was there knew that all she wanted was to partake of the spirit that us missionaries bring. How amazing is that too think that in someone's last hours.. they wanted to spend it with us? Two random 19/21 year old boys who she had never met before. She just knew she could feel the spirit. We left the family with a message and a prayer and tried to do our best to console them. I walked out the hospital now understanding Who We Are, and What We Have. Amazing how the Lord teaches you lessons. God is good. Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer."

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Loving the Work!

 Elder Diaz is doing well. These past couple weeks have been amazing. He asked me to share this story with you guys:

 "Me and my companion were out working and during the day the work is kind of dead because not very many people are home and so it's just not a very good time to proselyte. Anyways we had 4 referrals to check out. We went to the first 3 and either they didn't live there or the address didn't even exist lol. Anyways so we just sat in the car and asked whether we should just head to dinner early or check out the last referral. We went and checked out the last referral and we got there as they were having a discussion on religion and what to really believe. How cool is that? lol. But the Lord blessed us with 2 new investigators because of our willingness to just go the extra mile, or do the extra thing. Cool lesson I learned this week."

 Elder Diaz wants to thank you all for your letters and emails. They help him a bunch and he hopes to continue to get them! He is loving the work and misses you all dearly!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Month Down!

Elder Diaz has officially been on his mission for a month now. He is loving missionary work. On Sunday, September 8th, Elder Diaz celebrated his 19th birthday and it also happened to be his first baptism! What an awesome birthday gift! haha
Here's a picture of Elder Diaz at his first baptism.

He looks forward to what the next 23 months has in store. Don't forget to email or send letters, they help him a ton! 


Monday, August 26, 2013

First Full Week in Colorado

Elder Diaz has survived his first full week in the field! Since he is in Colorado, don't use dearelder, it is now easier to write him through email or with a handwritten letter. Elder Diaz hopes to hear from you guys so please send him words of encouragement, they all help him so much!

Monday, August 19, 2013

From Provo to Denver!

It's official. Elder Diaz left the MTC this morning bright and early so that he can begin his time in Colorado. He had only a few minutes on the phone but he wanted everyone to know that he is doing great and loved his time in the MTC. He is more than ready to go out to Colorado to share the gospel with those who are willing to learn. Don't forget to write or email Elder Diaz he would love to hear from everyone.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elder Diaz's First Email

Hey guys! My first week out here in the MTC has been AMAZING. The people I have been here with are amazing. I love my district! They are awesome! It's been easier then I thought to adjust to the missionary life! It's great! Time is going by way fast! I miss everyone back home! Don't be afraid to email/write me letters! Use dearelder.com ! It works great! Plus it's cool to get letters and emails from friends/family! Next week I will head out of the Training Center and be in Denver, so next time I send one of these I will be out serving the good people in my mission! Anyways not a lot of time this week but, GOD is GOOD! He is great and our savior Jesus Christ is amazing! 

Love you guys! 
Elder Diaz

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aaron is now Elder Diaz !!

 Hey everyone it's Taylor and from now on I'll be updating Elder Diaz's blog.

On Monday August 5th Aaron was able to attend a farewell gathering in his home ward prior to him being officially set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After this Aaron become Elder Diaz. He was able to return to the church to say goodbye to everyone and enjoy the delicious food prepared by members of the ward. Elder Diaz would like to thank all of his friends and family who were able to attend, it meant a lot to him to see you all before he left.

The next morning we all loaded up in the truck and made the drive to Utah where we spent the night in Salt Lake before taking Elder Diaz to the Missionary Training Center in Provo. It was a quick goodbye filled with laughter (and some tears), but Elder Diaz was more than ready to go out to share the gospel with the wonderful people of Denver, Colorado. He walked away with a huge smile on his face and we could all see the spirit in him as he proudly made his way into the MTC to start his journey as a missionary.

This blog will be updated as often as I hear from Elder Diaz. He would love to hear from everyone! Please keep Elder Diaz and his family in your prayers!

Elder Diaz ready to enter the MTC after saying goodbye to his family! He will be an amazing missionary!