Elder Diaz has been called to serve in the Colorado Denver North Mission Spanish Speaking! This blog is to keep you updated on the events that occur during his mission! Please email him at aaron.diaz@myldsmail.net. He will be looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Elder Diaz's First Email

Hey guys! My first week out here in the MTC has been AMAZING. The people I have been here with are amazing. I love my district! They are awesome! It's been easier then I thought to adjust to the missionary life! It's great! Time is going by way fast! I miss everyone back home! Don't be afraid to email/write me letters! Use dearelder.com ! It works great! Plus it's cool to get letters and emails from friends/family! Next week I will head out of the Training Center and be in Denver, so next time I send one of these I will be out serving the good people in my mission! Anyways not a lot of time this week but, GOD is GOOD! He is great and our savior Jesus Christ is amazing! 

Love you guys! 
Elder Diaz

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  1. I'm glad all its well mijo and also glad you are enjoying your time there. We all miss you very much and can't wait to hear about your stories. Que dios te bendiga siempre, un beso de tu tia Emma.